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2015 / 2016

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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Impact 2014 – 2015

How does our School use its Pupil Premium?

For the year 2013-2014, Gosden House received £24,300 for Pupil Premium.

Gosden House believe that children learn best when they are happy and feel confident. The School has a long history of pastoral care and believe that working with the family enables pupils to achieve at their full potential.  We also understand that some pupils may benefit from having extra time to communicate about their experiences and work better when they are feeling emotionally stronger. We have identified three inputs this year.

Input 1: The Home School Link Social Worker

  • To improve attendance at school
  • To provide advice and support to parents
  • To provide individual support to ensure full access to the curriculum
  • To provide knowledge and understanding to professionals working with the child
  • Lunchtime club for KS4

Input 2: Nurture Group

  • This is a new initiative and aims to give a targeted group of children access to a practical curriculum.
  • The course is going to be run by trained social skills HLTA, who will be working with the Home School Link Worker.
  • This is tied into the school’s improvement plan on improving the outdoor curriculum. The school has extensive grounds and wishes to focus on areas such as the courtyard, the outdoor classroom and the allotment. This group will take place weekly and is for pupils of all ages.

Input 3: Lunchtime Club

  • This is part of the nurture provision.
  • KS4 pupils opt to attend lunchtime club.
  • They make choices about the range of activities they are going to do.
  • Improves communication within the peer group, developing understanding and friendships.

Input 4: Play Development

  • Increase pupils confidence and understanding of how to play
  • Opportunity to learn new games
  • Provide zones of supervised play
  • Increased resources leading to positive and focused play

Input 5: Horse-riding

  • To develop confidence in physical skills and emotional resilience
  • To widen leisure opportunities

Input 6: Ukulele

  • To broaden cultural experience and develop social skills (SMSC)
  • To develop confidence in music skills

Input 7: Band

  • To develop contemporary music skills and knowledge
  • To develop team skills
  • To widen leisure opportunities

Input 8: Choir

  • To develop music skills
  • To develop team skills
  • To develop confidence
  • To provide a focus for the school and a sense of community
  • To widen leisure opportunities

Pupil Provision – Pupil Access

All pupils have access to a core provision.  In addition, pupils receive a Level 2 provision that relate to their specific need. Level 3 Provision is partly funded through Pupil Premium.

All Pupil Premium pupils will be tracked in relation to the provision they are receiving and whether the child is achieving below, at or above expected progress.