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2015 / 2016

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Careers and Qualifications

Staff throughout the school are involved in careers’ education from work related play, development of social skills and appropriate behaviour in the lower years, to the delivery of careers’ education through PHSE sessions in KS3 and Work Related Exam units, Functional Skills’ lessons and individually tailored Work Experience placements in Key Stage 4.  From Year 9 onwards we work closely with our allocated Careers’ Advisor from Pathways.

In Year 9, students have their Annual Reviews with a Pathway’s Advisor who, with parents and students, will formulate a Transition Plan looking to the future of each individual.  In addition to this, at the end of Year 9 students work with staff to produce a “Personal Learning Plan” outlining their personalised learning menu for Key Stage 4 and initial ides and possible options for transition at the end of Key Stage 4.  This is an essential planning tool and an opportunity for student to develop the skills and confidence to make realistic and informed decisions about their futures for themselves, in consultation with others.

In Key Stage 4 students follow accredited courses in relevant areas of the curriculum.  They also undertake a community placement.  Students participate in a College Link Course at Brooklands College which takes place every Thursday morning.  This programme enables students to experience busy college life and gain practical skills including painting and decorating, hairdressing, retail, catering and motor vehicle maintenance.  All courses are accredited.

In the Spring Term all Year 11 students undertake work experience to widen their skills and knowledge of the world of work.  WEX (Work Experience Programme) takes place during the Spring Term consisting of three days per week over three weeks totalling nine working days.  WEX gives students the opportunity to practise the skills and knowledge acquired in their Careers and Work Related Learning course.  During their placements students can become more aware of their individual abilities, skills qualities, needs and values and explore how these might relate to different occupations.  It also creates the opportunity for developing a positive self image and feel positive about their own employment prospects.  They test these skills and are assessed by the academic staff and employers.  The pupils complete self assessments in the form of a Work Experience Log.  All work produced is accredited through WJEC (Welsh Joint Education Committee).

With the support of our Pathway’s Advisor we also prepare students for making more informed choices at Post 16.  The school negotiates a yearly contract with the Service and services include Annual Reviews, FE (Further Education) liaison, team-teaching and personal interviews.  There is a positive and well established relationship between Gosden House and the Surrey Pathway’s Team.  Mutual support and co-operation exists between both partners and we work together to try to provide the best opportunities for our students.  During Key Stage 4 when the students are making choices the class teacher and the respective Pathway’s Advisor maintain regular contact to ensure a good service to the student including attendance at Annual Reviews and Parents’ Evenings.