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2015 / 2016

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Music plays an important part in school life at Gosden. Music brings us all together, helps us to learn to share, take turns, it improves our listening skills and most of all we have great fun doing it!

Key stage one

Pupils enjoy weekly music sessions which includes singing, playing the ukelele and lots of  different percussion instruments.

Key stage two

Pupils are encouraged to develop their music abilities, this includes their listening skills, use of different instruments, singing, movement and rhythmic work. The aims of these lessons are to develop the students’ responses to music in an auditory and practical way. Music helps develop confidence, team work, listening skills and turn taking. All of this is taught in a fun way with listening skills as the core value.

Key Stage Three

Our students have the choice of choir or drumming on a Wednesday afternoon. They are encouraged to develop commitment to the activity for at least one term – or up to and including a performance opportunity. This is to help develop skills such as being able to stick with an activity, follow through with all the skills involved in getting to a performance and to enable them to develop confidence. Often students can overcome difficulties such as learning words or drum rhythms which they may find hard at first. The sense of achievement when they perform and succeed is amazing.

Key Stage Four

Years 10 and 11 are offered adult choir at lunchtime on a Wednesday from 1.10pm – 1.30pm. Often the students that attend this are those who have been to the choir over the years and they want to continue to develop their singing skills.

Students are very much encouraged to remember to come, be committed and attend each week. This helps develop their independence skills – to learn a second part in the music, to remember their words, learn their words in their own time and to bring back their reply slips etc. The choir is also open to adults in the school to attend if they wish.

This year, members of year 10 and 11 have opted to do the arts award course which involves learning and developing a skill (for example singing) and then going on to teaching that skill. Our girls plan on going to help in assembly to lead singing and also plan to teach the year 3’s a nursery rhyme later on in the academic year.

Alison Wrigley runs the choir as part of the Surrey Arts County SEN provision for music. There are many opportunities to sing in concerts in venues outside the school for those who are interested in taking part. This has proved to be very successful for our pupils and gives an amazing sense of confidence and achievement.

This year Alison arranged a choir workshop at the Yehudi Menuhin School alongside internationally acclaimed vocal group Voces8 which the children found very inspiring.