Gosden Children First (PTA)

• Chair – Rowena Moore

• Vice Chair - Penny Biggs

• Treasurer – Tom Moore

• Secretary – Valeria Salgado

GCF is made up of parents that wish to volunteer as a PTA to raise funds that will directly affect the children of Gosden House School. Our main objective is to support the education of the pupils in the School and promote effective contact between parents, staff and pupils and to channel the goodwill of parents wishing to assist.

We engage in activities which support the school & we ensure that all money solely impacts the children.

Our year is always full of activities but it goes without saying that we would not be able to do half of the events if it wasn’t for the continued commitment and support of the committee. Everyone works really hard to make every event a success as well as being enjoyable. We are a good team and contribute in many ways and really pull together when needed.

We are proud because of the number of projects we have taken on and the money that we have managed to raise has been so great for the school.

We have supported the school with things like trips to the opera and Matilda, transport to sports events, digital cameras for each classroom and ipads for the secondary school.

We organise fundraising activities such as Quiz night, summer BBQ and our every popular Christmas Fair. We also raise funds using Cash for Clothes, The Giving Machine and other fundraising sales such as Christmas cards.

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