Our Community

Staff at Gosden House School

The team at Gosden House is a dedicated, highly skilled and valued one. The school places a high priority on the professional development of each individual staff member. Gosden House is a learning community at all levels, and should your child join the school you and they will be introduced to all those staff with whom they will come into contact.

Our Leadership Team

Cindy O’Sullivan

Fiona Williams

Emily Mainwaring

Caroline More

Adam Meyersieck

Our Teachers

Max Valentino

Nina Holmes

Bridget Workman

Ciaran Timblick

Charlotte Earl

Meghan Reddick

Robin Harrison

Anna Pohorely

Sophie Head

Natalie Downman

Katy Gidley

Juliette Tate

Julie Clarke

Hayley Butcher

Divi Dunn

Amanda Henderson

Our Teaching Assistants

Sandra Tidbury

Marion Dunn

Maria Moon

Louise Haws

Kate Gardener

Helen Marshall

Fathema Amin

Emma Wilkinson

Claire Etherington

Annika Savage

Annette Swindley

Anna Windebank

Abi Rainbow

Our Pastoral Team

Della Meeks

Davinia Dunn

Annie Welch

Our Speech & Language Therapy Team

Jacqui Watson

Susie Darby

Hannah Heasman

Our Administration Team

Caroline More

Debby Brown

Anna Chapman

Anita Diniz

Kathryn Hanford

Caroline Gosden

Our Premises Team

Brian Hockley

Paul Hanford

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