Careers & Qualifications

Staff throughout the school are involved in careers' education from work related play, development of social skills and appropriate behaviour in the lower years, to the delivery of careers' education through PHSE sessions in KS3 and Work Related Exam units, Functional Skills' lessons and individually tailored Work Experience placements in Key Stage 4. From Year 9 onwards we work closely with our allocated Careers' Advisor from Pathways.

In Year 9, students have their Annual Reviews with a Pathway's Advisor who, with parents and students, will formulate a Transition Plan looking to the future of each individual. In addition to this, at the end of Year 9 students work with staff to produce a "Personal Learning Plan" outlining their personalised learning menu for Key Stage 4 and initial ides and possible options for transition at the end of Key Stage 4. This is an essential planning tool and an opportunity for student to develop the skills and confidence to make realistic and informed decisions about their futures for themselves, in consultation with others.

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