The Governors

Gosden House School Chair Of Governors - Pat Adams

The role of school governors is to set the school’s strategic direction, to hold school leaders to account for improving performance and to make sure that money is well spent.

Governor reports
The minutes of the termly full governors’ meetings are available from the School Office. The website also contains other reports and documents that the governors have to make available.

These include:

• The way in which the school has allocated and used Pupil Premium payments and the impact that these have had on the attainment of the children
• The curriculum that is delivered by academic year and by subject
• The school’s policies in relation to behaviour and charging (for activities such as school trips)
• Links to Ofsted reports and any published achievement and attainment data.

Both the school and the governing body may, from time to time, ask children, parents, staff and the broader community for their feedback on aspects of the school. The outcomes of these questionnaires can be obtained from the school office.

Governing Body Information Page

Please Read Governor Documentation

Gosden House School


Term Start Term End
Parent governors
Mr Robert Cockerill 06 Mar 2019
Mr David Osen 06 Mar 2019
Co-opted governors
Linda Jasper 01 Mar 2016 29 Feb 2020
Helen Johns 02 Jul 2019 01 Jul 2023
Mr Steve Oldfield 01 May 2019 30 Apr 2023
Mrs Helen Johns 02 July 2019 01 July 2023
Staff governors
Miss Hayley Butcher 01 Sep 2019 31 Aug 2023
Max Valentino 01 Sep 2019 31 Aug 2023
Local Authority Governors
Mrs Pat Adams 01 May 2019 30 Apr 2023
Executive Headteacher
Ms Cindy O’Sullivan
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